Helping young people find and follow jesus.

Our youth group is designed to know more about God and live a better life

Find your purpose in christ

We meet every Wednesday @ 6:30pm

Find out about God's love & purpose for you.

No more shallow & pointless lessons. We will challenge and inspire you to actively grow in your faith.

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Build friendship through games.

You can have fun! Connect with others and let loose!

Find a place to serve.

We want you to get involved. You have a purpose and we want to help!

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Want to know more?

Learn more about how our church can help you grow!

Kid's Ministry
Engaging bible stories to show kids the love of God
Sun: 10am | Wed Awana: 6:30pm
A group of children raising their hands during a session in a room with adults supervising, part of the Kid's Ministry in a church.
Teen Ministry
Developing an authentic relationship with God
Wed: 6:30pm
A group of diverse teenagers and an adult smiling and posing for a photo inside a crowded bus, part of the Youth Group.
Service Info
Worship music & relevant preaching.
Sun: 8am & 10am | Wed: 6:30pm
A man speaks at a podium in a church auditorium, with a large cross on the wall behind him and an audience listening, at Victory Baptist Church in El Cajon.
Dream Team
Join a serving team! Find out how to best use your gifts for the cause of Christ.
contact us
Leadership Team
Our leadership team is here for you!
A group of people smiling at a conference table during a meeting, with snacks and water bottles visible, part of a "Staff Meeting."
Upcoming Events
Get connected through our various upcoming events.
A group of volunteers dressed in various superhero costumes posing around and on a decorated trailer at the Lakeside Parade.
Contact Us
Have a question or want to contact us?
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Social Media
View our latest social media posts for the most up-to-date information on our church.
A live stream on a phone screen showing five people on stage at Victory Baptist Church Worship Service with audience comments and reactions displayed below.
Small Groups
Get connected! Have fun and learn more about God at our various small groups.
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